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Our Specialties Include:

Waterline Leak Detection

Sewer and drain cleaning

Older and newer homes alike may have hidden problems with their underground sewer system. Pipe settlement, expansive soil, and root intrusion are just some of the potential conditions waiting to cause you misery. Trees and shrubs need water and gravitate towards your sewer and drain lines. The main cause of sewer line stoppage is root intrusion.
We will discuss with you the options you have regarding removing the roots and advise you as to how often the roots should be removed. We have top of the line sewer and drain machines which guarantee results. Hydro-jetting your drain line will open your pipe to like new condition by removing hardened scale built-up.
If you have a small problem in the line, we recommend fixing it right away. By putting repairs and maintenance off to a later day may cause the problem to get worse - and more costly.

Sewer line replacement

Pipe bursting

  is achieved by running a cable through the pipe, and then pulling the pipe bursting tool through the pipe. At the same time, a new pipe is being pulled through, right where the old one was. This is the ideal way to replace pipelines in populated or densely constructed areas.

Pipe lining

  We use Perma-Liner pipe linings. By simply inserting a new pipe liner, we can completely eliminate the need to dig a trench in your yard or jackhammer your sidewalk, making this the most efficient, desirable way to effectively replace your pipes - and maintain your property.
Plumbing Problems
We are qualified to repair any of your

plumbing problems

, including:

Leaking Faucets

Leaking Pipes

Clogged Drains

Toilets Running

Clogged Toilets

Noises in the Plumbing System

Odors from the Plumbing System

Low Water Pressure

and more!

Fixture installations and replacements

From replacing a broken fixture, to updating your home with a more appealing design, we are there to assist you with all your fixture installations and replacements




Shower Assemblies

Garbage Disposals

Water Heaters

Water Filters

Water heater replacement

You are in for a rude awakening when a good supply of hot water stops when you're in the shower. Even problems not as abrupt can be irritating.
If you are experiencing problems such as insufficient hot water, slow hot water recovery, discharge from the relief valve, or no hot water; contact us today for expert service you can trust.

Slab leak repairs

We locate slab leaks and take of them. A slab leak, gas or water, occurs when hot or cold water pipes beneath the home start leaking. The pipes can start leaking for many reasons - the pipes are old, the chemistry of the water supply, faulty installation, etc. When a slab leak occurs, we locate the leaking pipe using leak detection. Then access to the pipe is made through the floor to repair the pipe. When the repair is not feasible due to being located beneath a cabinet or tub, we can re-route the plumbing or re-pipe the house.
Gas line installation and repair
We take care of all your Gas Line Installation and Repair issues.
New Fixtures:
Large Generators
Shut-off due to leaks or other issue
Toilet repair and replacement
Does your toilet make noise even when it's not being used? It may be wasting water and your hard earned money. Does it flush poorly, or not at all? Or, are you looking for a new toilet, but don't know which one flushes the best? We can help. We can fix your old toilet or replace it with a new low flow/High performance toilet.
Remodels Sewer line replacement
Remodeling the house and looking to replace the sewer lines. We are an expert. We will work with you on the right solution for your house.
Gas Leak Location & Repair
We can locate and repair your gas leak. We can replace your old gas pipes, or run a new gas line to a new location.
Sump Pumps
Basement flooding is a common problem, particularly in houses situated on flat terrain where rain and snow melt have little chance for runoff. When the ground becomes saturated, ground water pressure builds, forcing water towards any path of little resistance. If the water finds cracks and fissures in your foundation walls or floors, it easily seeps in to fill your basement. You need a sump pump system.

In addition, a sump pump that does not work means big trouble in a home that has had groundwater seepage problems. There are several different ways a sump pump can fail; incorrectly sized pump, improper installation, product defect, age of pump and lack of maintenance. We can help you identify the situation and find a solution that works for you.
People usually re-pipe their homes for one of the following reasons: low water pressure, older pipes leaking, and repeated slab leaks. We run pipes in accessible areas: attics, crawl spaces, walls, etc. We insulate all pipes exposed to extreme temperatures. During a re-pipe, the homeowner is usually not left without water for any substantial period. We finish most re-pipes within two or three days.







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